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the tyranny of the positive attitude

It’s okay to feel weak and vulnerable.

It’s okay to feel strong and proud.


It’s okay to feel depressed and desperate.

It’s okay to feel happy and at ease.


It’s okay to feel jealous and furious.

It’s okay to feel loving and generous.


You are not angry. You feel anger. You are not happy. You feel happiness. You are not one with your emotions. Your emotions are visitors: they come and go. If you allow for darkness, light will naturally follow.


Spending time in the dark is an inevitable part of the human experience. How we relate to darkness can make all the difference. Let's dive in and see what's in the shadow, what mindful messages our dark side has for us. Let's explore how we can find balance and nourishment in our diverse emotional states, how we can make peace with what is.


" When we know how to take care of our strong emotions, how to establish good relationships at home and at work, communication improves, stress is reduced and our life becomes much more pleasant. This is a huge benefit not only to ourselves, but also to those we work with, to our loved ones, our families, and the whole of society."