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leadership skills: the art of power

What makes one a leader? What does it mean to be powerful? In this training you can learn about the five kinds of energy that are the foundations of real leadership: faith, diligence, mindfulness, concentration and insight.


As a 21st century leader you are leading a sustainable company. Our environment, society and economy create an inseparable whole that is to be reflected not only in vision- and mission-statements, but also in everyday activities. With mindful leadership you can evoke a value shift resulting in cultural and economic transformation that leads to workplace-happiness and real prosperity.


"What does power mean to us? Why are most people willing to do almost anything to get it? Even if we are not aware of it, most of us seek to be in positions of power because we believe this will enable us to control our life situations. We believe power will get us what we most want: freedom and happiness."

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