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My name is Kata Kálmán. I am a mindfulness trainer and coach.


I worked in business-communication and organization development for fifteen years. My clients included multinationals, such as Audi, Wendy's, Coca Cola and GE, as well as innovative start-ups and family businesses.


Gradually I became more and more interested in personal, as opposed to organizational work. I've been particularly drawn to the most prevalent disorders of our times: depression and anxiety, their possible causes and their efficient - traditional and alternative - treatment options. I have recently finished my Master's in Counselling Psychology program at Adler University.


I am a Buddhist practitioner practicing Thich Nhat Hanh's mindfulness based Plum Village tradition. As a result, a very deep and essential transformation has manifested in my life which is reflected in my work as well. I combine my nine years of solid Buddhist practice with my fifteen years of diverse business experience thus enabling my clients to find happiness in the present moment in their private and in their professional lives as well.


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University degrees: MA in Counselling Psychology, MA in English

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