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why others like it

"It was a wonderful workshop and you provided a safe, calm, and non-judgmental environment in a beautiful space!" (Lujaien, The Tyranny of the Positive Attittude)


"The mindful eating you taught us has been amazing for me... Admittedly I forget from time to time still but when I remember it has made a huge difference for me. I actually enjoy what I'm eating now and eat less. This is just one of many things you gave me on that Saturday." (Todd, Date with your Dark Side)


"Remember the fire alarm? I was thinking about how symbolic it was for me... Time to get out of the stale ashes and step into a new fire. Our day together was life-changing. Thank you." (Tara, Date with your Dark Side)


"My colleagues know that I quit after I attended your workshop in March... :) So even though I'm promoting your workshop in the office, I think my colleagues are afraid to go to because you never know what the future holds. And even if they hate their job, they like to hold on to the feeling of this sweet pain." (Orshe, Date with your Dark Side)


"I learned to write a love letter to my dear worry! I loved the experience of being with each of you! I learned the mindful eating and practiced it with my partner during our dinner. Thank you, Kata!"

(Güler, The Tyranny of the Positive Attitude)